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At ScienceSoft, we believe that only expert-level texts can engage. You’ll work with deep, research-based content, staying on guard of our quality standards.

Work format
Office or remote
3 or more years
Employment type


Your responsibilities

  • Edit and proofread IT-related texts tailored for the American audience.
  • Apply editing expertise across diverse industries such as retail, manufacturing, professional services, healthcare, financial services, etc.
  • Edit content targeting enterprises (end customers) and software product companies.
  • Handle topics related to software solutions (CRM, financial management, HR management, production management, e-commerce, analytics software, etc.) and services (software development, QA and testing, IT support, etc.).  


Editing should improve texts in the following aspects

  • Language (grammar and vocabulary).
  • Logic.
  • Compliance with publishing guidelines.
  • Fitness for marketing goals.
  • The professional tone of voice.


Our ideal candidates

  • Experienced editors working with English texts.
  • Senior copywriters writing in English.
  • Experienced translators and localization specialists with superior command of English grammar, sense of style, and rich native AmE vocabulary.


Your skills and experience

  • Advanced English (C1 or higher) with superior command of grammar and rich AmE vocabulary.
  • Ability to assess the marketing value, scope, style, logic, and accuracy of information in texts.
  • Ability to trace and get rid of linguistic, logical, style, and other errors.
  • Ability to defend your editing choices and give constructive feedback to copywriters to continuously improve their skills.
  • Ability to recognize and follow publishing guidelines.

We guarantee

  • High salary.
  • Professional training and obtaining certificates at the company's expense.
  • Paid vacation.
  • Medical insurance and 100% payment for sick leave.
  • Corporate classes in English, German, and Polish languages.
  • A variety of corporate events.
  • The possibility of remote work from any location.

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